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Due to the social distancing and decontamination procedures involved in keeping the Covid outbreak supressed, and by the supply of PPE to healthcare settings in country as a whole, emergency help has been our priority.


Our Ipswich Practice has served as one of the two general practice Urgent Care Centres in Suffolk for the duration of the outbreak, this continues as we have all the PPE that is required to keep us all safe. The Long Melford Practice re-opened on the 13th July, Lavenham will remain closed until the Covid outbreak has settled.

We are referral centre to help any patients who require aerosol generating procedures. 


01473 251955 for Ipswich

 01787 882722 for Long Melford.

Please arrive alone, with one carer, parent or guardian if required. at your appointment time.

The door will be locked, no waiting areas are available inside the building.

You will be invited to enter, taken into the treatment room by one of the nurses and asked to wash your hands. 

CAD/CAM Inlays & Crowns

Utilising the latest in Biomedical engineering to create crowns and veneers within 90 minutes

Bicon Implant Technology

One of the keys to the success of 51 over the last 20 years has been our pioneering use of Bicon Dental Implants;

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Find out more about the value and convenience of our Practice Plan, with all the extra benefits it offers.

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